Inka Trail

Peru, September 2014

That time … our friendship persevered

A few years ago my friends and I decided to do the Inka Trail in Peru. Due to everyone’s busy schedules, I volunteered to plan the Peruvian getaway. One friend, Jack White (alias), who is not an outdoor enthusiast, arrived in Cusco expecting a glamping trip. While we were paying the remainder of our trekking fees, the tour guide gave us a scary summary of what next 4 days entails. As he was describing the 16 km day with a thousand meter incline to summit at 4000m above sea level, I felt the shooting eye dagger coming my way from Jack.

A little back ground about Jack: he and I have natural sibling rivalry for as long as I remember – he always out witted me in strategy games and I the same in athleticism. So when Jack threaten to not leave the hotel for the trip it took all the motivational tools in our toolkit to make him continue.

Within the first day of our trek, I realize I am a lowland creature. Yet my friend, Lindsay Lohan (alias), trekked like a born highlander. Jack, Lindsay, and I supported each other through interval rest every 10 steps and we rest until we have visual signs of our friend Jennifer Gardner’s (alias) rainbow coloured scarf. While Ken Zoolander (alias) gave us lullaby every night to fall asleep with – his snoring. Our main entertainment was cards tournament, where we learn Ken and I bring each other ill fortune when we team up.

2 am we began our descend to Machu Picchu, there was a thunderstorm that turn into a hailstorm. The site felt like discovering an oasis. Within 30 minutes of arrival and checked bags, the thunderstorm came back and we left. We were eager for that hot shower.

Descending from the peak with my gang

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