Germany, March 2015

That time … I was reckless

Have you ever travel by yourself and went on a beer tour … in Germany? It was not the first time I travelled by myself but this is the first time I truly tested drunk William’s survival mode.  On my third and last day in Munich, I decided to join a beer tour – why not, in the motherland of Oktoberfest?  We started from a beer hall (of my favourite Munchen beer), with a 1 litre starkbier (higher alcohol content) and the night ended with Jagermeisters of plenty.  Of course at some point, I remember I had to get to the central train station at 9:30 am for my departure to Vienna. I bid goodbye to the best friends I made that night and trekked back home. When I got to the subway station, I realized I missed the last train by 10 minutes. Luckily, my long term visual/spatial memory is pretty good – especially I walked down a path within the day, so I decided to walk back.

*BEEP BEEP BEEP* “8:00” is what my phone displayed. Miraculously I am back at my Airbnb and every ounce of my energy was dedicated to packing and getting to the train station.

As I sat happily on the train to Vienna, thanking all celestial being for their blessing and my body cells to withstand the unspeakable torture of a Jagermeister hangover – my fight and flight cortisol wears off, and the aftermath of a beer tour sets in during my 3 hour train ride. It was the first time I miss companionship on a solo-trip.

When I arrived in Vienna, all the pain left as I was mesmerized by the architecture gems in innere stadt (district 1) –  but it was also good to be in your early 20s.



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