Switzerland, November 2016

That time … I went with the flow

Did you ever get a text when you are completely stress out of your mind that says “What are you doing next weekend?” Those are what I called, rescue texts (if they’re send by the right people). One afternoon, as I was waiting on an overdue panic attack, one of my good friends send me a mystery text. To be honest, I already had my weekend booked: one of my good friends was going to visit and a football game with colleagues and leaders for work. But I also knows this friend of mine would only reach out if he’s pretty certain about something. Next thing I know, I agreed to fly to Zurich next weekend. Oh one other thing, we are flying standby.

I didn’t really know what to pack on my carry-on. I packed from wool sweaters to swimwear. We arrived at the gate 1.5 hour ahead of time. He already had his confirmed ticket, while I’m waiting on mine. Our backup plans were all over Europe. It was touch and go until the very last minute when the aircraft was closing the door that I knew where I was going. For the first time, I had zero plan while I’m travelling – where to stay/ go/ eat. Yet, because I didn’t expect to get on the flight, I was ecstatic just to be in Zurich.  It was Christmas season and there were Christmas markets everywhere. Gluhwein was essential during our wandering around. By accident we found a popular fondue place – hey, when in Rome! We learned about the city on a walking tour. We got a culture shock from the local prices. We had nothing planned but everything just fall into place. I cannot guarantee this will be every time!

Limmet River 

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