Travel Tips: Travel By Yourself

Lots of people are afraid of doing this. First, you are in a strange land by yourself. Second, you can get pretty bored. Third, scariest reason of them all: you have to eat by yourself in public! I personally always make a point every year to travel once by myself.


  1. Your own agenda. This is super important to me because I realize my maximum capacity for being around someone 24 hours at a time is a week. After a week I would need a few hours by myself to decompress. Also I travelled with a few people who practice time precision while on vacation. Though I am not a time sensitive person, I tend to pack my day with wandering/ landmark seeing/ food eating activities – very few survived my agenda and I don’t like forcing others.
  2. Meet new people. As an extroverted introvert, I tend to be very quiet when I’m with friends but there are strangers present. However when I am by myself, I am much more open to meeting new people and making friends.
  3. Challenge yourself. Whether is getting completely lost, run out of money, being followed, or battling a terrible hangover (see my Munich story), nothling like having no one to rely on to challenge yourself. Use this as an opportunity to grow!

“Yes! You convinced me, how do I go about it?”. Well first of all I would highly recommend to go to a place where there are tons of activities.

Good example: a brand new country you never been to.

Bad example: a beach (unless you’re solo beach enthusiast – then ignore this).

Next … I’m running out of words – to be continued (Wednesday!)


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